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In addition to interior and exterior residential painting work, John’s Painting has vast experience in business and commercial painting. John’s Painting does business offices, retail, and other spaces and exteriors including places of worship.

Quality Work with Minimum Disruption


John’s Painting uses paints for businesses and commercial sites that can withstand high traffic and are easy to clean and maintain. We know that your location is a reflection of you and needs to leave your customers with positive feelings about you and your business.

While John’s Painting does quality surface preparation and application, John’s Painting teams are also very sensitive to the special requirement of business and commercial customers. We go out of our way to minimize disruption and our presence onsite.

John’s Painting works with New Construction or Build Outs


If the project is a new construction, John’s Painting is very well suited to working and coordinating with other contractors and service providers during the project. In fact, if you need a referral to a quality contractor, John will be happy to connect you to his vast network of fellow contractors.


Count on John’s Painting for Knowledge and Experience


If you have an upcoming business or commercial painting job, make sure it is done right. John’s Painting has satisfied customers throughout northern and central New Jersey for over 30 years. You can count on John’s Painting to bring that experience and knowledge to your project. 

Book your FREE, no obligation appointment today. 

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