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Why Work With Us?

The are many reasons to work with us . . . here are just five:

  1. Experienced: John's Painting has served New Jersey for nearly 30 years

  2. Specialized: John's Painting does one thing and does it really well--PAINT

  3. Certified: John's Painting is licensed, insured, and Lead Safe Certified

  4. Quality Obsessed: John's Painting does quality work with quality materials-- we believe in doing it right

  5. Customer Service: John's Painting treats our customers like family --  Our referrals speak for themselves 

Need more reasons? Here are three more compelling reasons to work with John's Painting:

  1. Family owned and operated -- You work directly with John, who is always a call or text away

  2. We offer a 3-year guarantee  -- While the others only give a limited warranty, we believe in standing by our work

  3. We do not require a deposit -- You pay upon completion, ensuring your job done right the first time

If you have questions or want to learn more, please contact us.

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