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Color Consulting

A Great Paint Job Starts with Quality Paint

At John's Painting we understand how stressful it can be to choose the perfect color, that's where we come in. Our seasoned experts will guide you through the entire process and lead you to the perfect color for your home. 

Our onsite paint teams don’t just use any old paint, they use the right paint for the job. Not all paint brands are the same and we recognize that. While we will use what our customers request, we recommend and prefer Benjamin Moore Paints. Furthermore, John’s Painting uses the exact appropriate paint for the job at hand.

Did you know that all interior paints are not the same? There are different paints for different applications. John’s Painting uses the right paint for the application. Examples include:

  • Kitchen paint formulations

  • Bath paints finishes

  • Specialized ceiling paints

  • High traffic area paints

  • Trim finish paints

  • Kitchen cabinet paint

  • Garage floor paints

  • Basement sealing coats

John and the John’s Painting onsite teams will gladly explain the benefits of different formulations for different painting applications in your home.

Count on John’s Painting for Knowledge and Experience

If you have an upcoming painting job that needs color consulting, make sure it is done right. John’s Painting has satisfied customers throughout northern and central New Jersey for over 30 years. You can count on John’s Painting to bring that experience and knowledge to your project. 

Book your FREE, no obligation appointment today. 

That's Why we Use Benjamin Moore

When we begin the actual painting, we make recommendations on necessary primers and other materials to make sure the paint job is long lasting. We use Benjamin-Moore paints .We also use heavy duty protective, drop cloths, to thoroughly protect and cover all needed items. At the end of the days work all the paint material is put away and work area is left looking neat and clean.​

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