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John’s Painting does high quality exterior painting and restoration in northern and central New Jersey. With over 30 years of experience serving and satisfying customers, John’s Painting knows how to achieve superior results on exterior painting work. John’s Painting knows that your home is one of your biggest assets and our work protects it. More importantly, John’s Painting wants our customers to be proud of their residences.

John’s Painting Does Not Skip Steps

John’s Painting prepares, repairs, and readies your home for an expert paint or stain job. Our work lasts for years and protects the wood, brick and/or siding of your home.

Proper preparation includes:

  • Power washing

  • Scraping

  • Sanding

  • Repairing

  • Sealing

  • Caulking

  • Priming

John’s Painting Protects Your Shrubs and Landscaping

Another thing the John’s Painting teams know is that our customers don’t want a mess or damage to shrubs and landscaping. We cover beds, shrubs, walkways, and more. We make sure that all paint chips, sanding debris, and drips are captured on drop clothes to avoid a mess. Job sites are cleaned up each night until the job is done.

Application of Paint or Stain

John’s Painting is very conscious of the challenges that come with exterior surfaces. With that in mind, we use special techniques and materials to ensure a quality, long lasting job. Exterior painting has special considerations that include:

  • Exposure to the elements

  • High traffic

  • Unique surfaces

John’s Painting applies paint or stain to your home’s outer surfaces that protects and transforms your home before your eyes. A home that you are proud of, a home that your neighbors will admire and a home your family and friends will love to visit.

Count on John’s Painting for Knowledge and Experience

If you have an upcoming exterior painting job, make sure it is done right. John’s Painting has satisfied customers throughout northern and central New Jersey for over 30 years. You can count on John’s Painting to bring that experience and knowledge to your project. 

Book your FREE, no obligation appointment today. 

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